How contact centers Can Be the Most Productive Group in The Enterprise

Contact centers are front and center in customer service innovation. Being in the spotlight, contact center's can become the most productive operation in the Enterprise, and eliminate any ‘costly’ cost center reputation.

To be the best, Exec’s and Managers need to continuously measure and benchmark workforce performance with irrefutable proof. This ability has been missing from contact centers, whose KPI’s cannot quantify how financially efficient work is getting done.

Contact Efficiency Index (CEI) solves this problem. It’s a KPI that continuously measures the financial efficiency of workforce performance, and the amount of money spent to achieve KPI's such as CSAT, talk time, hold time, etc..

CEI quantifies KPI’s in 3 views:

  • Workforce — contact center, Manager, Supervisor, Agent, and App
  • Business — line of business supported, contact type, queue, and campaign
  • Combined — workforce and business views.

Providing 3 significant benefits:

  • Organizational alignment on a single, consistent measure that reports how hard people and teams are working. It is unaffected by differences in team size, salary, experience, or contact mix. It is the ideal KPI for workforce optimization decision making.
  • Line of business, product, and finance leaders get exact figures on how much it costs to support them. Ambiguity is eliminated.
  • Precisely measure competitive solution ROI before buying. Eliminate negative surprises.

Would you like to prove you have the most productive Operation in the Enterprise?

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