How Contact Centers Can Be the Most Productive Group in The Enterprise

Customer Service innovation is big right now, and Contact Centers are front and center. Being in the spotlight, Contact Center Exec’s can become the most productive operation in the Enterprise, or remain a perennial ‘costly’ cost center.

To be the best, Exec’s and Managers need to continuously measure and benchmark efficiency with irrefutable proof. This ability has been missing from Contact Centers, whose KPI’s quantify performance, but cannot qualify how efficiently they’re achieved.

Contact Eficiency Index (CEI) is the answer. It’s a proactive approach that continuously measures the amount of budget spent engaged with Customers .

CEI quaifies KPI’s in 3 ways:

  • Workforce — Contact Cener, Manager, Supervisor, Agent, and App
  • Business — line of business supported, contact type, queue, and campaign
  • Combined — workforce and business views.

Providing 3 significant benefits:

  • Organizational alignment on a single, consistent measure regardless of team size, salary, experience, or contact mix. Maximize productivity, optimize headcount and improve quality.
  • Line of business, product, and finance leaders get exact figures on how much it costs to support them. No more being the only question mark on how much the latest product campaign cost.
  • Precisely compare competitive solution ROI before buying. Eliminate negative surprises.

A solution already exists to see the value of Cost Efficiency.

Do you want to improve Customer Service, Satisfaction, and productivity?

Would you like to be the most productive Operation in the Enterprise, with proof?

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