Got/IT All™: Maintaining service excellence and the highest ROI

After Got/IT Foundations , use Got/IT All™ to maintain customer service excellence and a superior ROI.

Got/IT All™ provides an out of the box business intelligence solution containing the three missing elements needed to sustain customer excellence and workforce performance, and achieve unrivaled cost efficiency. It aligns sound business financial practices with customer satisfaction and service goals.

1. Metrics Translated to Cost - Regardless of the customer service metrics used, Got/IT All™ converts them to dollars (or local currency), by line of business, product, campaign, channel, queue and more.

Now you will know if Average Handle Time reduction for certain queues are worth the effort, or if in fact other queues that appear lower in time cost more. You will learn the cost to increase CSAT before committing.

2. Contact Efficiency Index (CEI) - the stand-alone metric that continuously identifies the percent of every dollar spent engaged with customers — by line of business, product, campaign, and customer — by channel and queue — from Manager to individual customer service rep.

CEI is the only metric to explain why Customer Service (Contact) Center KPI’s are achieved or missed.

Got/IT CEI is an instantly actionable metric to balance Contact Center operations between high productivity and high performance. No other metric provides a result that is 100% accurate, and completely unbiased in its result.

With an ideal range of 78-84%, use Got/IT CEI to continuously benchmark performance across all teams and managers, including outsource vendor partners, anywhere in the world, and eliminate variable bias.

If a Team or Agent has a higher than desired CEI, their Manager can help to refocus, preventing burn out. If the same Team or Agent is struggling with a low CEI on certain queues, then the Manager can provide targeted mentoring and help, or redirect vs. generic training that can backfire.

3. Real Time ROI - Got/IT All™ translates metrics to cost continuously for any time period, delivering a real time ROI. A real time ROI on decision making helps stop over spending at all levels, improves Agent job satisfaction, customer satisfaction, eliminates unnecessary overtime, and missed goals. It pinpoints strong and weak spots, and their cost.

Using  Got/IT All™, leaders at all levels will make better decisions faster, align staff on a single point of truth, improve productivity, lower turnover, save money, and sustain an outstanding customer experience.

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