How Good Contact Center Measures Lead to Bad Outcomes

Take the Contact Center Challenge:

Two Contact Center teams each earn a Customer Satisfaction score of 90%, Service Level score of 80%, and NPS of 92%. Both handled the same number of customers. Which team was better managed?

The correct answer is serious, because even if the Managers of both teams are compensated equally, competition is still brewing. If one Manager feels they performed better, but was not recognized accordingly, then they and their staff might depart, perhaps to the competition. Or their performance can decline.

This problem exists because the means qualify performance openly and accurately is missing. And it’s missing because Contact Center measures cannot qualify how efficiently they’re achieved; they quantify outcomes. The result is using good Contact Center measures to try and qualify performance — inadvertently leading to bad outcomes like turnover and/or reduced productivity.

The reasons Contact Center measures are not able to qualify performance, and are as inflexible as granite:

There is one measure that qualifies performance at any level of Operations — Contact Efficiency Index (CEI). CEI is the continuous measure of the percentage of Contact Center spending engaged with customers. It quantifies how efficiently all Contact Center KPI’s are achieved.

Returning to the example at the top, one Manager achieves a CEI of 80%, and the other 65%, a gap of 25% in productivity. So, although both achieved performance goals, the manager with 80% CEI is maximizing staff and budget. Capture their best practices and share! Of equal importance, CEI gives all Managers and their staff an equal measure they can easily understand; one that levels the playing field.

Operationally, CEI aligns Customer Satisfaction and Service goals with sound business financial practices — freeing up cash flow, improving productivity, quality, and Customer Satisfaction. Managerially it provides superior organizational alignment, lowers turnover, and improves execution.

If you want to improve Contact Center quality and productivity while freeing up cash flow, then deploy Contact Efficiency Scoring.

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