Fund Contact Center Investments Without Spending a Lot More

With the push for 24 x7 self-service, hybrid AI, and predictive analytics, Contact Center Execs are front and center for more budget, and for determining best use of technology stack investments. How can one approach spending with outstanding decisions?

First, recognize that contact center KPI’s qualify performance, but cannot quantify how much it cost to achieve. For example, how much did it cost last week to support a single contact queue across your contact center operation? How efficient was the workforce in serving that queue? Which managers stand out?

If one had the ability to improve productivity and quality with existing staff, they could free up budget. How to do this?

Contact Efficiency Index (CEI) is the solution. It is a proactive approach that calculates the percent of contact center budget spent engaged with customers. High KPI and high CEI reflects workforce performance and productivity.

I’ve seen two Teams in same Contact Center with a CEI of 38%, and 82%, respectively. Improving CEI of the one team to 65% increases total CEI to 70%, a 46% improvement in performance. This increased productivity releases budget for investments.

A solution already exists to experience the value of financial efficiency.

Would you like to maintain or improve Customer Service and Satisfaction while minimizing incremental funds needed for new service technologies?

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