Foundations: Achieving service excellence with the highest ROI

Even the best Contact Center and Back Office operations are undermined by issues not easily seen and therefore not efficiently managed. They weaken the foundation that supports the balance between customer success, spending, and sustainability.

Got/IT's Foundations consulting solution is the first to translate contact center and back office performance metrics into cost at all levels, pinpointing exactly where to focus management attention and resources for the greatest return. Got/IT stops overspending and underperformance, exposing both false positives and negatives.

Foundations identifies and financially quantifies previously unknown problems - overlooked due to the complexity and effort required when continuously reporting the cost for a specific line of business, channel, or queue.

For example, consider the cost incurred when supporting a single queue with 50,000 inbound contacts. Now imagine identifying the costs for the following channels: voice, email, and chat. Finally, envision the breakdown of the operational costs needed to support this queue for 750 Agents spread across 50 Supervisors and 15 Managers.

Got/IT answers that question in total, by channel, Manager, Supervisor, and Agent, continuously.

Foundations involves 6 stages, beginning with your Vision

We learn the metrics that drive the operation, the target scores for them, the current weak spots, and priority of supporting channels, queues, and customers.

Once vision is captured and confirmed, Foundations continues with:

  • Identifying and measuring processes and systems against agent performance, efficiency, and consistency.
  • Evaluating processes, systems, and agent alignment to business results and customer success goals.
  • Measuring business alignment to revenue, customer satisfaction, and productivity goals.
  • Curating data stores and reports - identifying the golden source(s) of data.
  • Using our proprietary logic engine called Got/IT All™ , we translate your customer service metrics into cost, and calculate a CEI, at all levels. As described in the Solutions , CEI is the only measure to equalize performance across the customer service workforce, to include outsourced vendor partners.
  • Generating a comprehensive report and Roadmap to address issues and achieve Vision with the highest ROI.
  • After achieving service excellence and superior ROI with Foundations, consider deploying Got/IT All™ to maintain excellence continuously.

Got/IT CEI is an instantly actionable metric to balance contact center and back-office operations between high productivity and high performance. No other metric provides a result that is more accurate, instantly actionable, and unbiased in its result.

Got/IT All™ translates metrics to cost continuously for any time period, delivering a real time ROI. A real time ROI on decision making helps stop over spending at all levels, improves Agent job satisfaction, customer satisfaction, eliminates unnecessary overtime, and missed goals. It pinpoints strong and weak spots, and their cost.

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