Being a Follower in the Customer Service Crowd Stinks

Being part of the crowd is natural. The safety in numbers thing.

But business is about profitability. About innovating, smart risk taking, and delivering a better customer experience. Being in the customer service crowd is to only deliver an experience like those in the crowd. Nothing newer or better.

Put another way, if one is following the leader then they are stepping in leftovers. Being a follower can stink!

But how to become a Customer Service Excellence leader with safety in mind?

First, possess quality customer intelligence.

Second, align customers with your products. Customers want respect and attention relative to their needs.

Third, leverage technology to reduce agent stress. A 4 step process with 3 possible branches for each step equals 82 items to remember.

Where’s the risks in leading?

  • Buying the wrong solutions.
  • Buying the right solutions at the wrong time.
  • Underestimating level of effort and total cost of ownership.
  • Agent worry over new technologies.
  • Doing too many things simultaneously.
  • Harming customer satisfaction while trying to improve it.

How to eliminate risk?

Continuously track the financial efficiency of contact center KPI's and decisions. And enable agents to demonstrate the one thing they have control over - the ability to work hard!

The way to achieve these items is Contact Efficiency Index (CEI) — an innovative measure of the percent of budget spent engaged with customers. It’s irrefutable proof of financial efficiency and workforce performance. It eliminates overspending, and calculates an accurate ROI of major decisions before committing.

CEI identifies product and service handling efficiency and costs, and maps best practices.

Here’s how CEI helps achieve leadership:

  • Pinpoints weak spots in Contact Center Ops. Surgically locate opportunities to improve productivity without harming momentum.
  • Tells line of business, product, and finance leaders precisely how much it costs to support them.
  • Measure ROI on major investments before committing.

To smell the fresh air of service leadership, give Contact Efficiency Index serious consideration.

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