Being a Follower in the Customer Service Crowd Stinks

Being part of the crowd is natural. Something goes wrong, point to others doing the same thing. Being in the crowd feels safe, like a warm blanket.

But business is about profitability, and not the status quo or keeping up with the Joneses. It’s about innovating, smart risk taking, and delivering a better customer experience. Being in the crowd is to be forever mediocre and reactionary.

Put another way, if one is following the leader then they are looking at the leaders’ backside and stepping in leftovers. Being a follower stinks.

How to become a Customer Service Excellence leader?

First, know all your customers, from first to final. Demand quality customer intelligence from your organization.

Second, align those customers with your products. Customers want respect and attention relative to their identify. It’s bad to treat an expert customer as a noob. This insight also aligns contact routing.

Third, transfer the simpler, more frequent requests to self-service solutions. Some want IVR based solutions, social media, self-service on your web site, or email. Prioritize on profitability & volume. Many are buying into the Omnichannel approach.

Fourth, all other service needs should be directed to a live agent. Voice and chat. In time you may off-load more complex needs to self-service, but the cost may not justify the investment.

Where’s the risk?

  • Buying the wrong solutions
  • Buying the right solutions in the wrong order
  • Underestimating level of effort and total cost of ownership
  • Losing faith with staff who fear replacement by a bot
  • Doing too many things simultaneously
  • Harming customer satisfaction while trying to improve it

What’s the biggest risk to becoming a leader?

  • Not aligning Customer Service and Satisfaction goals with sound business financial practices.

You could develop the greatest Customer Service in the world, and go broke! If your business is about profit and increasing shareholder value, then so should Customer Service be held to the same mandate.

What’s the solution?

Almost all the risks above can be solved using Contact Efficiency Index (CEI) — an innovative measure of the percent of budget spent engaged with customers. It’s irrefutable proof of excellence, optimizes staff performance, eliminates overspending, and calculates an accurate ROI of major decisions before committing.

Not sure which items to move to self-service? CEI identifies product and service handling efficiency and costs, maps best practices, and streamlines a smart transition to electronic self-service.

Here’s how CEI helps achieve leadership:

  • Pinpoints weak spots in Contact Center Ops. You can surgically locate opportunities to improve productivity without harming momentum, reduce costs, and map best practices.
  • Tells line of business, product, and finance leaders precisely how much it costs to support them. Contact Centers will no longer be a question mark on what it truly costs to support a product, line of business, or key customer.
  • Measure ROI on major investments before committing. With the major push for Customer Service innovation, the dollars at stake are big.

To smell the fresh air of service leadership, give Contact Efficiency Index serious consideration.

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