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You will see an instantly actionable dashboard containing your traditional customer service metrics, all translated into cost. You will see these same measures as they are presented today as well.

Unfiltered, raw data is pulled from HR, ACD, CRM, Finance, and Line of systems. Format can be csv, xls, pdf, or integration point.

You then access your business intelligence through a secure web interface available only to you and your company

We do not collect any of your customer data. Only data on your workforce.

Got/IT All™ is a SaaS solution. On site installation is an option.
Got/IT All™ is offered for a recurring subscription rate.
Got/IT All™ can be deployed in as little as 4 weeks if you completed Got/IT Foundations. If you wish to skip Foundations, then deployment of Got/IT All™ can take up to 13 weeks.
Initially data is uploaded from raw data files to a secure web address, or email.
Each Got/IT customer has their own database installation.
Customers can utilize two-factor authentication.
Yes, print, save in multiple formats, to include .doc, .pdf, and .xls.

Ongoing Operations Management

Yes. Upon login, Got/IT All™ provides a dashboard view of key metrics in tile box form. Got/IT All™ delivers graphical reports of tile box data, and combines key metrics for graphical intelligence for root cause and benchmarking analysis.

Each user will access their dashboard securely from any web enabled device, and can also create comments for themselves, manager(s), and direct reports.
Roles and permissions govern what users are able to view. For example, some roles may not need to view financials. Each user will access their dashboard securely from any web enabled device. Third parties can be given access to specific information.
Got/IT All™ shows results at the following levels:
  • Enterprise
  • Region and/or Division
  • Contact Center
  • Team or Group
  • Line of Business
  • Call Queue
  • Manager
  • Rep

Time intervals are determined by Customer data:
  • day
  • week
  • month
  • quarter
  • year
  • custom date range
Got/IT All™ can benchmark almost anything based on the raw data it consumes. Out of the box benchmarks include:
  • Contact Efficiency Index
  • Cost To Serve
  • Total Cost per Contact
  • Overtime Cost
  • Ready Time Cost aka Availability Time Cost
  • Training Time Cost
  • Out of Office Shrinkage Cost
  • In Office Shrinkage Cost
  • Total Spent for Period
  • Handle Time Cost
  • Case Management Cost aka Project Cost
  • Meeting Time Cost
  • Available No – ACD Cost aka Available to receive contacts but system is down Cost
  • Break Time Cost

Benchmark across traditional Contact Center performance measures. Examples include:
  • Service Level
  • Average Speed to Answer
  • First Call Resolution
  • Handle Time
  • Hold Time
  • Wrap Up Time
  • Availability
  • In Office Shrinkage
  • Out of Office Shrinkage
  • Case Management
It could be just a matter of minutes. Got/IT All™ will notify you electronically when its ready.