Contact Centers Can Escape Being Costly

There’s one reason to explain why contact centers are seen by some as ‘costly’. It’s because contact center KPI’s cannot quantify how cost efficiently they’re achieved.

It’s a dilemma undermining a pinnacle reality:

Just as products are managed with financial efficiency in mind, so too should contact centers.

To earn a reputation as a valued contributor to profitability, employ cost efficiency in 3 steps:

  • Continuously measure Contact Efficiency Index (CEI) — the percent of budget spent engaged with contacts – at all levels. It tells line of business, product, and finance leaders precisely how much it costs to support them, and financial efficiency.
  • Use CEI to pinpoint weak spots in contact center Ops. You can surgically locate opportunities to improve productivity without harming momentum, reduce costs, and map best practices.
  • Use CEI to measure ROI on major investments before committing. With the major push for Customer Service innovation, the dollars at stake are big.

To escape being costly, give Contact Efficiency Index serious attention.

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