“Leadership needed a path forward. We have to understand the financial cost of getting work done if we’re going to achieve any revenue increase and cost reductions.”

Chief Information Officer

Got/IT's decision intelligence and data accuracy platform provides real-time conversion of KPI's into currency, reporting the exact value and financial efficiency of performance results in contact center operations. Results elevate both manager and agent performance and drive increased efficiency, no matter the team size, payroll, skill and experience, or mix and volume of contacts handled.

Got/IT clients have elevated the performance of their contact center operations:
  • 40% productivity increase.
  • 500% ROI to technology enhancements.
  • Improved prioritization based on real dollars.
  • 30% fewer staff supporting same volume.
  • 10% growth in customer engagment.
Results are viewed by:
  • Any mix of lines of business, queues / skill groups, channels, products, and campaigns.
  • At all Management levels: Contact center, manager, supervisor, agent, and vendor partner.

Balance Compensation and Recognition

Recall the two Managers from the Problem page?

Using Got/IT financial efficiency measures, we see Manager G applied 81% of their budget toward customer engagement. Manager B was hardly working, applying only $0.58 of every dollar toward engagement.

Manager G was 39% more finanically efficient than Manager B, and should be rewarded.

High financial efficiency has proved to improve morale and customer engagement, lower turnover, and sustain quality.

“Gone are the days of solely relying on traditional contact center measures and KPI’s. We now have direct visibility to performance, it’s cost, and the cost of work done.”

Executive Director, Contact Center Operations

Value Investments Accurately Before Commitment

Recall the Technology investment situation on the Problem page?

A contact center wants to reduce hold times by half on 2 lines of business and 10 queues. The proposed solution costs $500,000.

Using Got/IT financial efficiency measures we learn:

  • Hold times for the 10 queues in question translated to an exact cost of $500,000 in the past year, and $175,000 last quarter.
  • Financial efficiency for the affected staff was 65%. Target is 75%.
  • Hold times can be reduced by 50% at best. This equals $250,000.
  • The proposed solution would cost twice as much as the benefit.
  • It was determined that spending $50,000 to enhance existing technology would reduce hold times by almost half, equaling a 900% ROI.

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