Entire contact center and back office operations now work remotely — dispersed off-site at arms length:

This poses unprecedented challenges:
  • sustaining mandatory performance and customer success with the highest financial efficiency.
  • continuously understanding and managing the cost of performance at all levels.
  • transitioning to permanent work from home status with high workforce efficiency.
  • insuring this change achieves greater financial efficiency than bringing everyone back to the office.

Got/IT solves these problems by continuously translating Contact Center and back office KPI's into their exact cost, financial efficiency, and workforce energy — at all staff levels, by channel, queue / skill group, campaign, line of business, product, or customer served.

Knowing the cost of performance can save up to $13,000 per agent per year, about $28 billion in the US.

To achieve superior remote workforce management results, and set a new benchmark of performance in your contact center and back office operations, reach out to Got/IT today.

"Got/IT helps me better understand and manage the cost of performance."