Knowing the financial efficiency of contact center and back office operations can save US businesses an estimated $28 billion per year, about $12,500 per agent.

Not having this KPI continuously is what undermines good decision making, impacting workforce performance, productivity, and workforce optimization. It degrades technology stack utilization, quality, and customer success, and increases overtime spending and turnover.

The root problem is Contact Center and back office KPI's - they cannot give clear line of sight to their cost, nor explain how financially efficient the operation is performing, nor report how hard agents are working, at any level.

Got/IT solves these problems by continuously translating Contact Center and back office KPI's into cost, financial efficiency, and workforce energy — at all levels, by channel, contact queue, campaign, line of business, product, customer served, manager, and agent.

"Got/IT translates the Customer Service conversation into a language everyone understands.. spending"